Oxygen Generators

Oxyplus Oxygen Generator

Three ranges of oxygen generators

Premium HF series(Suitable for hospitals with surgical and intensive care activities, Premium provides a highly stable concentration and can integrate advanced control features.[Purity 95%±1%])

Orlane series(Cost effective oxygen generators designed for all kind of medical facilities.[Purity 93±3%])

Oxystar99 series(State of the art generator, Oxystar99 produces high purity oxygen
compliant with monograph<<oxygen>>of the European Pharmacopeia[Purity 99.5]

Module O2 compact Oxygen Generator

Key features :

Plug & play oxygen generator

10 to 20 l / min flow @ 3,8 bar

Compact & Silent

Fully automatic

Medical Device CE class IIb

Designed for :

Small healthcare facilities

Facilities with no piping system

Anaesthesia and recovery ventilators

Oxygen cylinders filling at 150 bar for capacities of 5 to 20 litres (with Oxyplus Technologies cylinder filling systems)

O2 Generator Premium 90HF Series

Designed for hospitals with surgical activities and intensive care units, Premium HF oxygen generators guarantee a high oxygen concentration and an exceptional stability. They integrate advanced features of oxygen quality analysis, control and remote monitoring.(Medical oxygen at 95% +/- 1%)

Key features :

  • High and stable oxygen concentration
  • Fully automatic operation 24h/24
  • Medical Device CE Class IIb
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Remotely manageable

Designed for :

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Medical gas network supply
  • Replacement of liquid oxygen storage tanks and cylinders

Pharmagas-medical gas Analysis & Monitering

Pharmagas is designed to monitor & analyze the medical gases in the hospital piping network. It is a perfect tool for healthcare facilities to carry out a continuous analysis of all medical gases delivered to patients and make sure that they comply with the requirements of the European Pharmacopeia monograph, or of any other local regulation.


Designed for centralized medical air production in hospitals and clinics, NOVAIR stations ensure the continuous supply of the medical gas piping network.

They comply with the most demanding quality standards and require very little maintenance.

Key features:

  • Medical Device CE class IIa
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Multiple configurations available
  • Production of medical air compliant with EU Pharmacopeia

Medical Vaccum Stations

Technology & Design

Novair supplies medical vacuum stations to hospitals and clinics

in France and around the world for over 35 years. They come

in  various  available  configurations  to  suit  the  needs  of  all

healthcare facilities :

                  1.Compact horizontal: integrated on horizontal receiver
                  2.Compact vertical: integrated on a vertical steel frame
                  3.Modular: separated modules
                  4.Skids and shelters, according to customers' specifications