OT Table

Dr.Max 5800 Series Surgical Table

Dr.MAx 7000 series electro-hydraulic surgical table

TED 07 Extension Device with Trolly

Dre Lucerne 360 Universal Operating Table

Dre Lucerne ES Surgical Table

Dre Torino EXL Operating Table

TriMax 650NS Series Surgical Table

TriMax TS710 Series Surgical Table

Novel 330T universal surgical tables

Poseidon Q 100 series

Poseidon Q 200 series Surgical Table

NOT-5600 Series Surgical Table

General Accessories-(Antistatic Mattress Pad Set, Anesthesia Screen Frame (adjustable), Instrument Tray, Anesthesia Screen ,Frame, Instrument Tray, I.V Pole, Foot Control)

Radiology Accessories-(Patient Transfer Device, X-Ray Top, Side-Rail Lock, Lateral Cassette Holder, Hand Traction Device , Side-Rail Clamp, Cassette Carrier)

Head Supports-(General Purpose U-Type Head Reat, Neck Traction Device, Head Rest with Wrist Support, Adapter for Neuro Head Position System)

Body Supports-(Assembling Dorsal Operating Pad set, Pad-adjustable Dorsal Operating Frame, Lordosis Operating Frame, Shoulder Surgery Attachment, Lateral Support, Shoulder Support (1 pair), Pubis-sacrum-sternum Support, Body Strap, Back-buttocks Support, Restraint Strap, Table Width Extension Plate, Rectal Positioning Support, Shoulder Extension Plate)

Arm/Shoulder Supports- (Arm Board, Wristlet, Head, Shoulder, and Arm Rest for Kidney Operation, Arm Restraint Cuff, Hand Rest for Microscopic Operating Frame, Raised Arm Rest)

Leg Supports-(Urology Drain Tray Set,  Condyle Fixation for Tibia and Fibula, Contamination Bucket, Meniscus Positioning Device, Foot Rest, Knee Positioning Device, Knee Rest, Leg Crutches, Leg Crutches, Lithotomy Holder)