ICU Products

Intensive Care Ventilator

Advanced Features
Apnea back-up
Manual/Auto Nebulizer
Lung Mechanics functions-Compliance and Resistance,Auto PEEP
Heated Exhalation Valve
Mask(Non-Invasive) Ventilation
Measurement of Atmosphere and Temperature(BTPS)
Maintenance,System Check & Moniteing with an unique program

Optional Features
Mode   :AutoVent,SHFV,DHFV,tBilevel,PRVC,O2 Stream
Module :Hemo-Dynamics with SpO2 and EtCO2
Accessory:Proximal sensor

MTV 1000 Pneuma Multi-purpose Ventilator

Pneuma Series offer innovative convenience

Unique technology with high performance

O2 Stream (High Flow Therapy)


Self contained Air Generator

It is decreased Inspiratory Phase Work of Breathing through
Inspiratory Trigger function and Pressure Support function. It
makes possible to inhalation with small effort of patient (WOB_
inspiration). It is decreased Expiratory Phase Work of Breathing
through Ex_Sesnse. In this time, interrupt the flow rapidly and
supply brk_time (Expiration Break Time). It makes possible to
exhalation with small effort of patient (WOB_expiration) and
minimize of breaths with difficulty.

OmniOx HFT 500 Non-incasive respiratory theraphy system


-Integrate high performance blower
5-60 I/min,Use to any department
-High & Low O2 source blending
21-100% FiO2
-Minitoring system(Respiration rate,SpO2& Heart rate,PEEP/PIP,Gas  Temperature)
-Intelligent alarm system
-Patient interfaces
  OmniOx Nasal High Flow CPAP Interface
  OmniOx Nasal High Flow Cannulas
  T-piece Interface
   Masks of CPAP & BiPAP
-Humidity output:Complies with ISO 8185:2007 standard
-Ease to use:4.3” Color LCD touch screen user interface,Data   communications,Connectivity

MP1000NT intensive care patient monitor


-ECG,SpO2,NIBP,2-IBP.2-TEMP, and Respiration
-EtCO2(Sidestream type optional)
-Full Arrhythm-ias analysis
-S-T segment
-Pacemaker detection
-72 hours tabular and graphic trend
-Save up to 30 Event management(15sec Arrhythmia ECG wave recall)
-Fast set-up time
-VGA signal output to external monitor
-Virtual Screen
-Selectable color configuration for all parameters(40 color)
-SpO2 color tone : Distinctive sound tone per alarm status
-Dual speaker System(Beep & Alarm works independently and    simultaneously)

Main Options

Slidestream EtCO2,Reusable water trap for EtCO2,Built-in 58mm thermal printer for neumeric data and waveform IBP cable and sensor kit,2 Types of Oximeter available (MEK/Nellcor)
Multi  site SpO2 sensor(Y type),Central Monitoring system

MP600 Central Station

The MP600 Central Station is a  flexible, reliable monitoring system  with centralized display of waves and numeric parameters and alarms for  patients connected to MEK  monitoring network. It display  accurate patient information needed  with simple pop-up menu, better  access to patient data.  

Central Station

□ Connectable Up to 16 bed patient monitors 

□ Review 72hr Graphic Trend for each bed

□ Save 1000 times alarm events or save it for 3 years

□ Display for 32waveforms for 16 beds

MP570T Patient minitor

“ Choose MP570T for best of Table-Top Patient Monitor!!”

  * Compact and Deluxe
  * Most critically ill patient, Neonate to Adult
  * SpOz, Plethysmographic waveform, Pulse rate
  * High performance in low perfusion Bt artifact
  * Long battery operation (4 hours)
  * 120 hours trend/1 minute scale
  * PI(Perfusion Index) display
  * O2 monitering

MP111 Hand-held Pulse Oximeter

MEKICS introduces the new Pulse Oximeter,designed in response to the needs of various medical location and applications.MP111 is combining advanced SpO2 technology with compact and flexible design including special handy holder sets.It configured pulse oximeter provide a fast SpO2 performs accurately even in case of moving artifact and low perfusion.


Enhanced High SpO2 Accurate,72Hrs Trend & PC Trend Viewer,Visual Alarm Lamp,Beep Tone Change in SpO2(Color Tone),High performance ILIC technology,The enough Battery Capacity in Sleep Apnea Test,IV Pole bracket,Auto-backlight control for sleeping

MP110P Handheld pulse oximeter


Small size and Light weight (400g)

Back-light Mono LCD

30sec. Alarm silence mode

IV pole bracket

2-Types of Oximeter available

(MEK Ongmal I Negcor Compatible type)

Fast set-up time (5 sec. Max)

Long battery operation time (8 hours)

Performance elevated for 'Low perfusion patient'and 'Neonate'

More stable in hard environments and moving

MH200 Phototherapy Device


20,000 Hrs Operating Time(Light source)

Narrow Spectrum

Light Weight & Compact size

No Thermal damage to patient

Automatic time limit

No Heat/Low Power Consumption

MP1300 Multiparameter patient Monitor

Multi-Paremeter Patient minitor MP1300

-ECG;,SpO2, NIBP 4-IBP, 2-TEMP, RESP, EtCO2, Multi-gas, Cardiac Output
-Full Arrhythmia analysis and ST segment analysis
-Oxy-CRG for management of neonate intensive care parients
-12.1" Touch screen TFT color LCD
-8 waveform display
-Virtual screen system for various viewing
-168 hours graphic trend
-Selectable color configuration for ail parameters
-Bed to Bed network
-Save up to 30 event management

MP800 semi-modularized patient monitor PAMOII

“Compact size, but not small with virtual screen!! “

72Hr Tabular and Graphic trend
Arrhythmia/S-T Segment/pacemaker Detector
Virtual screen system for various viewing
Semi-Modularized Patient Monitor with compact design
LAN Networking capacity(Optional)

MP800C Multi-Parameter Gas Monitor

“ Compact size,but not small with virtual screen!! ‘’


Inspiation CO2 measurement

Respironics LOFLO CO2 Sensor

72Hrs Tabular and Graphic Trend

Virtual Screen Display

6.4’’ TFT Color LCD