Electro Surgical Unit

DRE ASG-300' Electrosurgical Generator

A Quick Look

* 300 watts maximum power output                     * Monopolar and bipolar capable

* 10 blend settings                                                    * Coagulation and fulguration modes

* Pinpoint and spray coagulation                            * Split or solid return electrodes

* Delivers consistent, repeatable power into     * varying load impedances

* Defibrillator-proof type CF equipment               * Footswitch indication on face of unit

* Dual voltage 50/60 Hz                                              * Does not require calibration

* Two-year warranty

DRE EG 200a Electrosurgical Generator

Easy to use electrosurgical unit with mono/bipolar cut and coagulation

>vibrant, easy-to-view digital display

>Monopolar cut and coagulation: Pure, blend and contact, and spray

>Bipolar cut and coagulation

>Three different audible signals

>User memory function (10 settings)

>Designed for safety and ease of use

DRE EG 400a Electrosurgical Generator

Multi-function electrosurgical unit with genuine linear curve

of output support, operation stability and memory functions


! Seven current types are selected by pushing the mode-select switch
! Outputs are precisely adjusted by up/down control

! Cutting and coagulation controlled by foot or hand switch

! Spray coagulation provides TransUrethral Resection (T.U.R) and

  Endoscopic procedures in urology

! Three audible tones signal cutting and coagulation procedure

! Interlocked multi monopolar outlets can be used for two hand

! control outlets and for one laparoscope outlet

! Interlock safety circuit guarantees patient and operator safety

  and prevents multiple outputs at the same time