D.R Upgrade Soluction

Wired portable flat panel detector for digital radiography system(FXRD-1417SA/SB)

Slim and Light-weight Design
* The same size as film or CR 14 x 17 inch (35 x 42cm) cassettes
* Weight under 3.0kg
* Easy to carry with an attachable & removable handle
* Perfect solution for retrofit from conventional film X-ray systems to digital radiography systems
* Detachable handle for bucky applications offering no limitation in the orientation of the cassette
* Grid holder (optional)
Versatile Diagnostic Capabilities
* 14”x17” wired portable flat panel detector inclusive of our VXvue imaging software
* Unique electronics hardware with 14-bit signal digitization providing an extremely wide dynamic range
* Optimized algorithms for each different body part
* Fast readout time enables an image to be captured and transmitted within 4 seconds
Simple & Smart Featured
* Full compatibility with DICOM 3.0 standard and Windows™ based platform
* Side by side dual study comparison capabilities
* Featured special remote viewing program (MINIvue) & QXLink
* Various preset image processing modes for different studies
* Including Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) trigger mode as well as the line trigger modes
* Communication interface through Gigabit Ethernet (1000 BASE-T)
* Simple & easy integration with all kinds of digital radiography system

Wired portable flat panel detector for digital radiography system FXRD-1417WA/WB

-ViVIX-S Portable, Wirelessis a Vieworks’s 14”x17” flat panel digital radiography system for general radiographic applications
using its unique image processing system and proprietary flat panel detector.
-The detector can fit into almost all existing bucky trays as it is the same size as film or CR cassettes.
Image can be simply acquired and transmitted to the DICOM server through Wi-Fi in seconds.
-The battery charger system can recharge up to 3 batteries at the same time within 2 hours for full charge.
-An additional tether cable connection to the detector can also recharge the battery without removing it from the detector.
-ViVIX-S Portable, Wirelessdetector has a built-in Access Point (AP) which enables customers to take X-ray examinations directly to
a wifi capable computer or laptop unit.
-In case of losing WiFi communication between the detector and the image acquisition software, the detector can save up to 100 images at its built-in memory card. After resuming communication with the detector, all saved images can be transmitted to the software.
-ViVIX-S Portable, Wirelesscan be installed in a single or dual or multiple detector-configuration depending on the required applications.
-For dual or multiple detector-configurations, ViVIX-S Portable, Wireless can also be installed with a combination of ViIVIX-S Portable,Wireless and other Vieworks’s flat panel detectors

X-Ray Digital Imaging Solution DIRA DFP4343 C7

Product Description
         DIRA DFP4343 C7 is intended for use in X-ray radiography systems for routine radiology examinations. It consists
of a high sensitivity large format X-ray digital flat panel detector on the TFT sensor base equipped with a CsI scintillator
screen and multifunctional modern software package for X-Ray system operators and physicians. Various options
including bucky, removable X-Ray grids and AEC are available for customers. The solution is perfectly suitable both as
an imaging component for new X-Ray systems and as an upgrade kit for conventional equipment.
The detector’s high DQE characteristic at low doses in combination with advanced image processing algorithms
results in the utmost diagnostic quality of the images. Long product’s operating life, highest reliability and no need to
perform periodic on-site maintenance reduces cost of ownership. It makes DIRA DFP4343 C7 a very attractive
proposal for system manufacturers interested in excellent and robust performance of the imaging part of their X-Ray
equipment. Multilanguage DIRA software has wide range of functions for different applications and ergonomically
optimized interface. DIRA software is a very convenient way for any medical professional to increase diagnosis
efficiency and optimize workflow.