Digital X-ray

Roesys X-TWIN Digital X-Ray

Roesys X-Mobile Digital X-Ray Table

X-Mobile & Versatile

The patient table “X Mobil” sets a new standard of quality,characterized by the highest degree of mobility and thesimplest handling. The floating table surface allowseffortless adjustment and precise positioning. Sensitiveelectric motors ensure smooth and easy movement. A
mechanical table-wheel braking system, and an electricaltable surface brake, support the movement and simultaneously make control of the table even easier and more

Smooth-running and exact

The “X Mobil Q” table, with its fixed table height, is
extraordinarily easy to move and can be effortlessly
adjusted to the exposure position. The melamine table
surface provides a high degree of radiation transparency.
This is a table which impresses with high mobility,
ergonomic control and high-tech materials

Roesys X-Mobile Digital X-Ray Table


Detector and tube are installed together on one rail


Dual  detectors ’s effect with 1 detector


No need of ceiling supporting structure


Safety of the users and patients with a anti-collision sensor


Remote control supported

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